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I'm Chloe Joy and I started Little House Big City to catalog the adventures of turning a dark DC rowhouse into a bright and happy home that I share with my boyfriend of five years, Eli. I write about DIY projects, tips for small-space living, shopping around town, and home style. 

I studied graphic design at UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism & Mass Communication, where I met Eli, and together we moved to Washington after graduation. Since moving here I’ve been working full-time as an infographics designer at a global news organization, and Eli works as a creative director and video editor at a production company in Alexandria, Va. In May 2013, we bought a small rowhouse in the city that we’ve been working on ever since.

We consider ourselves a pretty handy duo. He's the son of an engineer and I grew up with an addiction to Trading Spaces, so we were brainwashed early on to believe we could build anything we could draw – so far so good. Being young in our careers & paying a premium for city living, our biggest limiting factor is $$$, so we’re always looking for DIYs and deals to get the look for less.

You'll find a new post here every week, usually on Fridays. I hope you’ll follow along to see our latest shenanigans. You can subscribe to my mailing list here on the right, or on the homepage so you don’t miss a thing.