Current Progress

Our bedroom is really big by city standards (it takes up half of the upstairs floor) and it gets beautiful light with its southern exposure. The windows overlook the back yard, which will be a prettier view over time. Eli and I feel totally spoiled by this room because we each have our own closet, an en suite bathroom and a little corner for a standing vanity. We would have happily traded a smaller bedroom for a larger bathroom or living room, but we're not complaining. So far we've built and installed a headboard, reconfigured a platform bed frame to hold our box spring, hung window treatments, installed bedside sconces, and added IKEA dressers and a leaning mirror. So far it's about half done – the window wall and bed wall are close to where they'll be in the end, but the other walls are pretty much a wreck and could use serious TLC. 

When we Moved In