Vintage Gems: Good Wood, Indeed

It’s that time again ! Time to share another of my favorite thrift shops in DC. This edition is really to assure my mom that this Good Wood place I keep going to is a furniture store. (I'm kidding) I love this place and the name rings true.

If Hunted House was the Don Draper of vintage shops, Good Wood is more like Johnny Depp meets Ernest Hemingway: handsome in any style, well-traveled, charismatic, quirky and surprisingly fashionable. I imagine his industrial loft is stocked with Nepali tea picked up on his last trip to Kathmandu and fancy china from a Memphis estate sale; he wouldn't flinch if you spill on the Peruvian rug because it adds character (although the impala on the wall may give you a disapproving look).

In short, Good Wood has perfected the balance between regal and rugged, global and Americana, contemporary and old-timey. 


I walk into this shop and am hit with a wave of inspiration. There’s such an eclectic mix of styles juxtaposed beautifully – I just want to sit down and stay awhile. Maybe pick up one of the many books they keep lying around.


The store refuses to be pigeonholed into one style or aesthetic – it's always full of surprises.


I'm always on the hunt for leather couches, pedestal tables and kitchen carts (of which they have many) but I'm also consistently impressed by the dressers, lamps and vintage oddities. (I should probably just throw everything out so I can start over here) I was tempted to buy the JFK portrait below – seems appropriate for a DC home – and I seriously wish I had any room with ceilings tall enough to accommodate that ladder.


Another great thing about Good Wood that makes it truly unique is the fashion. I kid you not! Beautiful furniture AND clothes? It’s like they know me. There's a drool-worthy selection of jewelry, wow'em dresses, shoes and handbags – vintage and new. On more than one occasion I've walked in looking for a sofa and walked out with my new favorite dress – the styles are stunners that were errantly forgotten sometime in the last few decades. Plus it gives me great pleasure to tell folks I bought it at a furniture shop when they ask. 


So there you have it, folks. Put this U St. wonder on your list and fill up the parking meter, cuz you’re gonna wanna stay a while.