Current Progress

A whole room for laundry – holy cow! This is nothing short of miraculous in the city, where you're lucky if you have a washer and dryer at all. This room is at the back of the house, behind the kitchen, and it leads directly to the deck and backyard. It gets the best light in the house, so I knew it couldn't just be for laundry. In fact, we use this room for a whole lot more. It's where we eat breakfast, blog, get suited up to go outside and do craft projects. I just wish I could knock down the wall between this room & the kitchen so the light could flood through the house, but I don't think it's in the cards.

When We Moved In

Bifold doors hide the furnace
Furnace and water heater closets
Side by side washer and dryer
Laundry room before moving in

Five months later

The first step to making the most of this space & light was replacing the already brand new W/D that came with the house – bummer. We replaced them with a stacking unit so we could open up some floor space... we probably should have gotten a smaller model, but we didn't measure correctly. Ah well, you live and you learn! We capitalized on the additional space by adding an Ikea wardrobe to serve as our coat closet, a billy bookcase for storing detergent and other cleaning supplies, and benches for a breakfast nook.

Samsung stacking washer and dryer and Ikea wardrobe
Corner breakfast nook
Ikea Billy Bookcase for cleaning supplies