Current Progress

I designated the powder room as the "Hidden Gem" of the house, with hopes that guests would smile upon discovering it. We started by installing a bold geometric wallpaper – "Mountains" by Miss Print. We also replaced the light fixture, the mirror and the towel rack. We installed a soap dish, hung artwork and created a small stool for holding extra toilet paper. The last thing left to do is change the floor color. 


When we moved in

The seller made a lot of big changes to the house's layout during renovation, including one of my favorites – a powder room on the first floor. Sure, it means I don't have a coat closet, but I can point dinner guests to the loo without sending them upstairs! It was the only room in the house we didn't bother to paint before moving in – I had bigger plans in mind.

Powder room sink
Powder room toilet before
Powder room sink wall before